Don Grady
June 8, 1944 - June 27, 2012

-My Three Sons Timeline-

1931. At his class senior hop of this year, Steve played a saxophone. His high school girfriend from the early 1930s was Josephine Kringles (Pat McNulty).

September 29, 1960 - September 2, 1965 (ABC), September 16, 1965 - August 24, 1972 (CBS). My Three Sons aired. It was a Don Fedderson Production, filmed at Desilu Studios, with original music by Frank DeVol. This page includes the cast, show information, notes on the show, partial list of episodes, questions about the show, TV ratings, information about a "TV Land Confidential", pictures and links.

January 8, 1961. William Frawley was the featured guest on This Is Your Life.

1961. Cynthia Pepper left My Three Sons to star in her own TV series, Margie.

1964-65 season. William Frawley left My Three Sons in bad health.

1965. Mike Douglas married Sally and both left the series.

Fall 1967. The Douglas family moved to North Hollywood, California.

March 3, 1989. Don Grady did some of the original music for the movie "Skin Deep".

February 2004. There was a report on the My Three Sons forum on, that TV Land Canada was showing the first season of My Three Sons (36 episodes). In Australia, cable TV was showing the fifth season.

June 20-26, 2004. Out of the 50 greatest TV dads of all time, Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas was selected as number 7, according to this issue of TV Guide.

October 13, 2005. On the show "TV Land Confidential" that aired this day, it was mentioned that when My Three Sons hit the screen in 1963, no one ever mentioned Steve Douglas' late wife. The show started Sept. 29, 1960. In the episode "Bub in the Ointment" (aired Oct. 13, 1960), Mike was telling his dad, that he was going to be interviewed for a college scholarship and he was concerned that Bub might say something wrong. Steve refreshed Mike's memory and said at one time, Bub was doing well managing a movie theater. And when Mike's mother died, Bub gave up everything, moved in with the Douglases, and tried to take his daughter's place. (Steve was married to Bub's daughter.) Bub came in to the Douglas house and cheered them up, when they thought they'd never laugh again. Bub did housework and went to committee meetings and social teas. He did a lot of things most men wouldn't have the nerve to do. He did it because he wanted Steve's three sons to be represented in the neighborhood. And Steve finished the talk with Mike, saying he thought those things more than made up for Bub's Irish temper and occasional lack of tact.

September 20, 2007. Close-Ups [Paperback] Eddie Lucas (Author) has an interview with Stanley Livingston. The rest of the book has interviews with stars from other shows.

September 30, 2008. My Three Sons: The First Season, Vol. 1 (2008)

January 20, 2009. My Three Sons - Season One vols. 1 - 2

January 20, 2009. My Three Sons - Season One, Vol. 2 (2009)

July 15, 2009. There was a My Three Sons reunion with Don Grady, Stanley Livingston and Barry Livingston heard on Stu's Show.

February 23, 2010. My Three Sons: Season Two, Vol. 1 (2010)

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November 1, 2011. The Importance of Being Ernie: From My Three Sons to Mad Men, a Hollywood Survivor Tells All [Hardcover] Barry Livingston (Author)

-The Cast of My Three Sons-

Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas
Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas who was widowed and was an engineer. Fred was born August 30, 1908, Kankakee, Illinois. His movies included Double Indemnity and The Shaggy Dog. Fred MacMurray was a substitute host on the CBS-TV game show The $64,000 Question (aired in the 1950s). Fred MacMurray's history and how he got on My Three Sons.

William Frawley as Bub O'Casey
William Frawley as Bub O'Casey, the boys grandfather, Steve's father-in-law. William was born February 26, 1887, Burlington, Iowa. He played Fred Mertz in I Love Lucy. The Fred Society (William Frawley). William Frawley's ancestry. Here is some more information about William Frawley.

William Demarest as Charley O'Casey
William Demarest as Charley O'Casey, the boys uncle. William was born February 27, 1892, St. Paul, Minnesota. He replaced William Frawley.

Tim Considine as Mike Douglas
Tim Considine as Mike Douglas. According to the book "Sitcoms The 101 Greatest TV Comedies Of All Time", Tim Considine quit "My Three Sons" after an argument with Don Fedderson, the producer. Tim was born December 31, 1940, Los Angeles, California. He played Buzz Miller in The Shaggy Dog, a 1959 movie. Tim is the nephew of sportscaster Bob Considine and the brother of actor John Considine. Bob Considine wrote the screenplay for the 1948 movie The Babe Ruth Story and also wrote the book, The Babe Ruth Story.

Tim Considine has authored three books and is quite an accomplished photographer. This webpage from Authors and Artists has a short biography on Tim. This webpage has some books from Tim Considine. These pages are Tim Considine's photography, faces, moments and wheels.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Adventures of Spin & Marty - The Mickey Mouse Club (1955) is available on DVD from Tim Considine played the part of Spin Evans. According to the above page on amazon, Don Grady is in the series as well.

Don Grady as Robbie Douglas
Don Grady
Don Grady as Robbie Douglas. In the black and white picture, Don is doing a dance called "The Frog" in the episode "First, You're a Tadpole" (December 3, 1964). The song "The Frog" was written by Don and Gary Abrams and was performed by The Rivingtons. This episode was written by Don and Gary. Don was born June 8, 1944. He was a former Mouseketeer. This is Don Grady's website.

Stanley Livingston as Chip Douglas
Stanley Livingston
Stanley was born November 24, 1950. This is his website. Celebrity Autograph Show Starring Stan Livingston From My Three Sons - video.

Barry Livingston as Ernie Douglas
Barry Livingston
Barry Livingston as Ernie Douglas, an orphan that was adopted by Steve, so there were still three sons on the show after oldest brother Mike married Sally and moved away. Barry was born December 17, 1953 and is Stanley's real brother. These are some other pictures of Barry Livingston in later years from Genesis Creations.

Meredith MacRae as Sally
Meredith MacRae as Sally. Meredith was born May 30, 1944, Houston, Texas. Here is Meredith MacRae's website.

Tina Cole
Tina Cole as Katie Douglas, Robbie's wife. Tina was born August 4, 1945, Hollywood, California.

Cynthia Pepper as Jean Pearson
Cynthia Pepper as Jean Pearson. This picture of Tim Considine and Cynthia Pepper was taken from the 1st season of My Three Sons. Mike and Jean lived next door to each other, so they both could open their upstairs windows and talk to each other, which made for vintage television. Cynthia left My Three Sons in 1961 to star in her own TV series, Margie. Years later, when Jean came back, she eventually discovered Mike had a serious girlfriend, Sally. Cynthia was born September 4, 1940, Hollywood, California. Cynthia Pepper webpage.

Ronne Troup as Polly Williams, Chip's wife. Bobby Troup (composer of the song "Get Your Kicks On Route 66") is Ronne's father.

Beverly Garland as Barbara Harper, Steve's wife and Ernie's teacher. Beverly was born October 17, 1926, Santa Cruz, California. This is the official website for Beverly Garland. Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn in California

Dawn Lyn as Dodie Harper, Barbara's daughter. Dawn was born January 11, 1963. Leif Garrett is her brother.

Tramp the lovable Douglas family dog
And of course, Tramp, the lovable Douglas family dog.

Peter Brooks as Hank Ferguson, a friend of Robbie's. Peter appeared as Corky in the episode "Too Many Cooks" (aired December 29, 1965) on "Gidget" (ABC, 1965-66).

Beau Bridges as Russ Burton, a friend of Mike's. This is the official website of Beau Bridges.

Butch Patrick as Gordon Dearing. Butch Patrick played Eddie Munster on "The Munsters".


-My Three Sons Show Information-

Steve Douglas was a widower who was raising his three sons at 837 Mill Street (above).

The Douglas family phone number was Bryant Park 6100. Steve liked Italian food at Luigi's restaurant. The Douglas house has an indoor rock garden. Father Steve worked at Universal Research and Development Co.

The early episodes of My Three Sons with William Frawley ("The Bub Years") were among the best.

Actor Bobby Diamond (played Joey Newton on "Fury") chose "Westinghouse Playhouse" with Nanette Fabray instead of playing one of the sons on "My Three Sons".

-Notes on My Three Sons-

Mike was fishing in front of Miller's drug store as part of an initiation into a college fraternity.

Billy Snyder's dog's name was Jelly Bean Snyder. The strange thing Billy Snyder did to Steve Douglas was pouring a chocolate malt in his pipe.

Chip's elementary school was Webster Elementary.

Steve's occupation was an aeronautical engineer.

Steve ordered a Lindy Hop Special, which was 2 scoops of ice cream, a couple of rings of pineapple, chocolate syrup, a lot of whipped cream with a side dish of almonds.

Ricky Allen played Huey "Sudsy" Pfeiffer, one of Chip's friends.

Sebastian Cabot played Tom Morrison, Sally's father. Sally was Mike's girlfriend.

Bub's aunt was Kate (Jeanette Nolan). His cousin was Mickey O'Casey (Robert Emhardt). They lived in Farnsea, Ireland. Bub and Mickey were partners on an Irish sweepstakes ticket and they won. Bub's part of it was $14,000.

Tramp's father had six kids.

Steve Douglas was the second baseman on the Beaver Dam High School baseball team.

-Partial List of My Three Sons Episodes-
Bub In The Ointment
"Bub In The Ointment" (aired Oct. 13, 1960) Bub (William Frawley) reacts to a wonderful family situation in this episode.

Cheryl Holdridge
"Man in a Trench Coat" (aired February 23, 1961) Rob's girlfriend suspects something's going on between Judy (Cheryl Holdridge) and Rob so she has him followed.

"A Lesson in Any Language" (aired November 16, 1961) Mike is trying to get through school the easy way. He bought a Spanish learning record set to play at night when he was asleep so when he woke up in the morning he could speak Spanish. References in this episode to: (1)Desi Arnaz ("Bub", played by William Frawley, appeared as "Fred Mertz" on "I Love Lucy" with Desi Arnaz.); (2)Burlington, Iowa ("Bub", played by William Frawley, was actually from Burlington.)

"Damon and Pythias" (aired December 28, 1961) Robbie and friend Hank discuss joining a club and decide they'll be like Damon and Pythias. But, Rob is tired of being compared to his brother Mike. So he joins a club that didn't offer his brother an invitation. This is one of the best My Three Sons episodes I have ever seen. Dan ( John Rockwel), Hank Ferguson (Peter Brooks), Huey "Sudsy" Pfeiffer (Ricky Allen), Hal (Buddy Hart who played Chester Anderson on Leave It To Beaver), Tony (Bruce Baxter), Mr. Cronkite ( Fred Kruger)

"Robbie Wins His Letter" (aired March 7, 1963) Robbie attempts to win a school science award. With James Stewart.

"Dear Robbie" (aired October 10, 1963) Robbie, in his newspaper column, gives a girl bad advice, and that is to elope.

"My Friend Ernie" (aired October 31, 1963) Chip has his friend Ernie Thompson over to spend the night. They search for treasure in Bryant Woods, causing great concern with family members. In this episode, Ernie's parents appear and he is not a member of the Douglas family.

Jaye P. Morgan
"Second Chorus" (aired January 9, 1964) Steve seems to be happier and feel younger now that he's starting to see Susan, (Jaye P. Morgan). This impacts Robbie and Mike with concern about the relationship's future. In this episode, Jaye P. Morgan played a singer named Susan DeVol. In real life, Jaye was a singer with the Frank DeVol orchestra. Frank did the theme for My Three Sons.

"Marriage By Proxy" (aired January 23, 1964) Howard's wife Francie is pregnant. Howard convinces Mike to be on call if Francie needs to go to the hospital. And Mike does get a call. Mike Minor played the role of Herb in this episode. He later played Steve Elliott on Petticoat Junction. His father, Don Fedderson, was the executive producer of My Three Sons. Mike was married to Linda Kaye Henning who played Betty Jo Bradley on Petticoat Junction. Her father, Paul Henning, was executive producer of Green Acres and was producer of Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Bob Cummings Show. Mike Douglas (Tim Considine), Robbie Douglas (Don Grady), Chip Douglas (Stanley Livingston), Sally Ann Morrison (Meredith MacRae), Howard (Beau Bridges, his father is Lloyd Bridges from Sea Hunt and his brother is Jeff Bridges), Francie (Indus Arthur), Wally ( Duke Howard), Barbara (Claudia Martin), Night Nurse (Janice Carroll), Timmy (Brian Nash), Second Nurse (Maxine Jennings), Woman ( Elsie Baker), Jack (Gene Tyburn), Herb (Mike Minor)

"House For Sale" (aired February 13, 1964) Steve has an opportunity to go to Hawaii for Mr. Gordon's company. Things are great until Steve's sons find out it would mean selling the Douglas home. Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray), Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey (William Frawley), Mike Douglas (Tim Considine), Robbie Douglas ( Don Grady), Chip Douglas (Stanley Livingston), Ernie Thompson ( Barry Livingston), Ina (Tina Cole), Mr. Gordon (Addison Richards), Miss Evans (Phyllis Sues), Mr. Proctor (Fredd Wayne), Mr. Gavin ( Woodrow Parfrey), Mrs. Proctor (Jan Shutan), Mrs. Taylor (Shelby Grant), Mr. Taylor (David Brandon), Sally Ann Morrison ( Meredith MacRae)

"Fish Gotta Swim-Birds Gotta Fly" (aired March 5, 1964) Sally participates in a fishing trip with Mike and the Douglas family and Mike goes on a birdwatching trip with Sally, her sisters and her mother. Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray), Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey (William Frawley), Mike Douglas (Tim Considine), Robbie Douglas ( Don Grady), Chip Douglas (Stanley Livingston), Sally Ann Morrison ( Meredith MacRae), Ernie Thompson (Barry Livingston), Mrs. Morrison ( Doris Singleton), Nancy (Patricia Morrow), Jill (Judi Thor), Melinda ( Jennie Lynn)

A Serious Girl (aired September 24, 1964) At the beginning of the episode Fred MacMurray says hi, welcome to our show from the Quaker Oats Company. There's a good commercial from Quaker Oats Life Cereal.

First, You're a Tadpole (aired December 3, 1964) Robbie does a dance called "The Frog". The song "The Frog" was written by Don and Gary Abrams and was performed by The Rivingtons. This episode was written by Don and Gary.

"Divorce-Bryant Park Style" (aired December 21, 1964) Mike wonders after he marries Sally, if it will be like the troubled marriage of Howard and Francie. Sally Ann Morrison (Meredith MacRae), Ernie Thompson (Barry Livingston), Howard (Buck Taylor, the son of actor Dub Taylor), Francie (Indus Arthur), Mr. Marfield (Robert Shayne, who played Inspector William Henderson on Superman. Robert has an incredible voice.)

All the Weddings (aired May 6, 1965) At the beginning of the episode Fred MacMurray says hi, welcome to our show from the Quaker Oats Company. There's a great commercial from Quaker Oats Life cereal. Fred MacMurray, Tim Considine, Don Grady and Stanley Livingston do a commercial for the cereals, Quaker Puffed Rice and Quaker Puffed Wheat.

Robbie and the Little Stranger (aired February 17, 1966) At the beginning of the episode Fred MacMurray says hi, welcome to our show for Hunt's catsup. Fred MacMurray and William Demarest do a commercial for Hunt's Catsup.

"Kid Brother Blues" (aired March 3, 1966) At the beginning of the episode Fred MacMurray says hi, welcome to our show for Hunt's catsup. Robbie's date at a girl's house is messed up by Chip, who is over doing school work with a friend, who is the girl's brother. Robbie sings and plays guitar in this episode. Fred MacMurray does a commercial for Hunt's Catsup. Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray), Uncle Charley O'Casey (William Demarest), Robbie (Don Grady), Chip (Stanley Livingston), Ernie (Barry Livingston), Charlene (Mary Jayne Saunders), Helen (Elaine Devry), Shelly (Susan Gordon), Tim (.Donald Losby), Howie (Billy Willis), J.J. Parkhurst (Johnny Jensen), Norma Sue (Keva Page)

"Liverpool Saga" (aired December 23, 1967) According to this page on, the name of Chip's band is "The Dynamiters".

"Ernie and Zsa Zsa" (aired January 27, 1968) Ernie and Tramp spend the day at the movie studio with Zsa Zsa Gabor.

"First Night Out" (aired December 7, 1968) Ernie and a baby sitter take care of the triplets and the family gets nervous. With Rose Marie.

"The Matchmakers" (aired March 22, 1969) Steve and his partner in business discover their children don't like each other. With Don DeFore.

"Love Thy Neighbor" (aired March 28, 1970) Robbie and Katie have a fight with their new neighbors. With Jerry Mathers.

-Questions about My Three Sons-

If you have an answer to this question I received, please send it to the email address near the bottom of the page. (question posted July 11, 2006)
Did DebraLee Scott from Welcome Back Kotter play in My Three Sons as a child actress possibly under the name Debra or Debbie Lee ?
I received an email (posted to this page December 7, 2006) that had the following answer:
Q. Did DebraLee Scott from Welcome Back Kotter play in My Three Sons as a child actress possibly under the name Debra or Debbie Lee ?
A. The poster is actually thinking of Dawn Lyn who played Dodie on My Three Sons. If you check the link below you can see the resemblance to DebraLee.
Dawn Lyn

If you have an answer to this question I received, please send it to the email address near the bottom of the page. (question posted November 21, 2006)
I'm hoping you can help me out with this episode title, as I recall it being two parts with a cliff-hanger in the first part. I think it was Stanley Livingston starring in it but can't really remember. The star and one of his friends go hiking and come to a huge drainage pipe running through a mountain and decide to crawl through it backwards. When the lead star comes to the end of the pipe hanging out of the other side of the mountain, he hangs by his hands over the end of the pipe and sees nothing but empty space around him and the ground about a thousand feet below him. The star tries to crawl out but the main star tells him to go back because he can't come this way. In the second part of the show the main star manages to pull himself up and climb back into the pipe and the two crawl forward until they come out where they started.

If you have an answer to this question I received, please send it to the email address near the bottom of the page. (posted 10/7/08)
Do you know where the exteriors of the Douglas' house are filmed? This is the house during season 1. It looks like a real upscale neighborhood and I was wondering if it is still standing and if the house is still there.

If you have an answer to this question I received, please send it to the email address near the bottom of the page. (posted April 1, 2007)
We seem to remember a couple of different breeds of dogs owned by the Douglas family, but there is a big discussion as to what breeds they might have been. We think that at least one of them was a Briard, but would like to know if you could clarify this for us.

If you have an answer to this question I received, please send it to the email address near the bottom of the page. (posted 6-4-07)
I had a question about My Three Sons. I remember in some of the later episodes, before the credits, there was a clip of Fred MacMurray saying "Hi. Welcome to the show". Do you recall this? And do you know anywhere I can locate this clip?


Oct. 1960-Apr. 1961. #13 program. ABC. 25.8 rating.

Oct. 1961-Apr. 1962. #11 program. ABC. 24.7 rating.

Oct. 1964-Apr. 1965. #13 program. ABC. 25.5 rating.

Oct. 1965-Apr. 1966. #15 program. CBS. 23.8 rating.

Oct. 1967-Apr. 1968. #24 program. CBS. 20.8 rating.

Oct. 1968-Apr. 1969. #14 program. CBS. 22.8 rating.

Oct. 1969-Apr. 1970. #15 program. CBS. 21.8 rating.

Oct. 1970-Apr. 1971. #19 program. CBS. 20.8 rating.

Chip, Robbie, Bub, Steve, Tramp, Mike
The Douglas family, Chip (Stanley Livingston), Robbie (Don Grady), Steve's father-in-law Bub O'Casey (William Frawley), Steve (Fred MacMurray), Tramp and Mike (Tim Considine)

My Three Sons and the cast

Lindy Hop Special

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