To Tell The Truth
To Tell the Truth, 1956-1967 CBS, Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions. The original title "Nothing But The Truth" was changed before the premiere due to a conflict with a movie of the same name.

Host: Bud Collyer (radio and television voice of Superman, Beat the Clock). Panelists over the years: Kitty Carlisle, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, Tom Poston, Polly Bergen

3 contestants were introduced as the same person and then Bud the host would read the information about the individual. 1 contestant was telling the truth and the other 2 were lying. The 4 panelists would question each of the contestants and then vote for the one they thought was telling the truth. All 3 of the contestants made money when the panelists would vote for an impostor.
Bud Collyer

Bud Collyer

Tom Landry
The late Tom Landry, that coached the Dallas Cowboys from 1960-1988, was once a contestant on the show and was an impostor. The contestant telling the truth was a flying missionary, a priest and an airplane pilot. He spent some Christmases in the Arctic, one of which involved a rescue mission. Tom, at that time, was defensive coach for the New York Giants, that had just won the Eastern Division championship. This was in the 1950s.
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