I've Got A Secret
aired June 19, 1952-April 3, 1967 on CBS
aired 1972 in syndication
aired June 15, 1976-July 6, 1976 on CBS
Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions

Date Show Number Rating
Oct. 1954-Apr. 1955 #13 34.0
Oct. 1955-Apr. 1956 #10 33.5
Oct. 1956-Apr. 1957 #7 32.7
Oct. 1957-Apr. 1958 #5 33.4
Oct. 1958-Apr. 1959 #9 29.8
Oct. 1962-Apr. 1963 #16 24.9
Oct. 1963-Apr. 1964 #12 25.0
Oct. 1965-Apr. 1966 #19 22.4

This is the first of a six part interview with Ira Skutch from the Archive of American Television. He had been a director and a producer for "I've Got A Secret".
Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson made up the great I've Got a Secret panel for several years.

The panel of four tried to discover the contestant's secret. Each panelist had 30 seconds to ask questions. Bill Cullen joined the panel on the third broadcast in 1952, and Henry Morgan joined the show later that year. The network cancelled the show after 13 weeks, later changed their mind, and the show lasted in primetime for 15 years. Garry Moore was a partner with Jimmy Durante on his radio show during the 1940's. Garry left I've Got a Secret in 1964 to take a trip around the world, and he was replaced by Steve Allen.

There was one amazing episode with a man named Samuel J. Seymour, who was age 96 at the time he appeared on I've Got A Secret. The secret was when he was 5, he saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were on the show this night to promote Forever Darling, their movie that was having its premiere in Jamestown, New York (Lucy's hometown) the next day. Lucy was a panelist that night and Desi was the guest star. His secret was I Love Lucy.This episode aired on February 9, 1956. This show can be seen online at the Internet Archive.

Garry Moore, host, I've Got A Secret (1952-1964)

His real name was Thomas Garrison Morfit. During the early 1950s, Garry had 16 sponsors at the same time on CBS. One of the highpoints of his career was in 1963. He did a daily radio show, a nighttime variety show, and hosted I've Got A Secret. He made $2.2 million that year.But in 1964, things changed. CBS network president James Aubrey cancelled Garry's variety show. Aubrey then rejected Garry's suggestion for a new program. Garry had no program at all just a few weeks later. In 1965, Aubrey got fired. Then Garry found himself back in the spotlight again in 1966 when his show returned, but it was cancelled in the middle of the season.


mid 1930s - WBAL in Baltimore
1939 - Club Matinee (NBC)
1940 - Beat the Band (NBC)
1943-1947 - The Camel Caravan (CBS)...he was Jimmy Durante's partner
1947-1948 - Take It Or Leave It (NBC)
1948-1949 - Breakfast In Hollywood (ABC)
1949-1950 - The Garry Moore Show (CBS)...this led into Garry's television show

Bill Cullen, panelist, I've Got A Secret

1939 - WWSW Philadelphia
1944 - Joined CBS as staff announcer
1948-1949 - Casey, Crime Photographer and Hit The Jackpot (CBS)
1949 - Quick As a Flash (ABC)
1949-1959 - This Is Nora Drake (NBC)
Bill Cullen hosted I've Got a Secret (1976).

Betsy Palmer, panelist, I've Got A Secret

Betsy's career included:

Virginia Bullock on Knots Landing (CBS-TV)

Mister Roberts (1955 movie)

Murder, She Wrote (episodes "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" and "Sticks and Stones") (CBS-TV)

Newhart (episode "Me and My Gayle") (CBS-TV)

Love, American Style (episode "Love and the Ghost") (ABC-TV)

Hallmark Hall of Fame (episode "A Punt, a Pass, and a Prayer")

Playhouse 90 (episode "No Time at All")

Studio One (episode "Mutiny on the Shark", "Goodbye Piccadilly", "Sentence of Death") (CBS-TV)

Henry Morgan, panelist, I've Got A Secret

He was 17 and already working at WMCA radio in New York as a page boy. By 1937, he had his own 15 minute radio show on WOR, Here's Morgan. Later, in 1946 on ABC radio, the Henry Morgan show was on the air. He was proclaimed "the newest and brightest wit to reach the networks in years" by the New York Times. But Henry antagonized sponsors quickly and his radio show ended in 1950.

Bess Myerson, panelist, I've Got A Secret

Bess was Miss America 1945.

Steve Allen hosted I've Got A Secret (1964-1967, 1972-1973).

Steve was the creator of NBC's The Tonight Show.

1942 - Announcer at KOY in Phoenix
1944 - Heard on KFAC and KMTR in Los Angeles
1948 - CBS disc jockey, later did films and TV

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