Sam's Son (movie released 8/17/84). Directed by and screenplay by Michael Landon.
Michael Landon as Gene Orman
Michael Landon as Gene Orman (as he was called later in life). After he finds success in life, Gene returns to his childhood home and it brings back a world of memories.
Michael Landon as Gene Orman
Michael Landon directed and acted in Sam's Son, his autobiography, about his struggles as a kid growing up. He deals with a really rough situation with a bully, works hard to excel as a high school javelin thrower, and helps his father in a wonderful way. He also has a desire to become an actor. It's an inspirational film I truly enjoyed. I loved the ending of this movie. The Four Aces singing "Dream" over the closing credits was the icing on the cake.
Timothy Patrick Murphy as the young Gene Orowitz
Timothy Patrick Murphy as the young Gene Orowitz (Michael Landon's real name)

Gene agonizes over something he has just been told and still he has the courage to compete in the javelin throw with a college scout watching.

Gene Orowitz, the young Michael Landon (Timothy Patrick Murphy)
Sam Orowitz, Gene's father (Eli Wallach) Eli wrote a book called "The Good, the Bad, and Me: In My Anecdotage". He's married to actress Anne Jackson and they were named the king and queen of Brooklyn.
Harriet Orowitz, Gene's mother (Anne Jackson)
Cathy Stanton, Gene's girlfriend (Hallie Todd)
Robert Woods, the bully (Alan Hayes)
Bonnie Barnes, Gene's 1st girlfriend in film (Jonna Lee)
Gene Orman, Michael Landon later in life (Michael Landon)
Cy Martin, Gene's business associate (Howard Witt)
Coach Sutter, Gene's coach (William Boyett)
Jake Bellow, Sam's boss at movie theater (Harvey Gold)
Mr. Collins, school principal (James Karen)
Buddy, Gene's friend (David Wakefield)
Maxine Wagner, neighbor with new car (Montana Smoyer)
Miss Bass, school secretary (Barbara Collentine)
Art Fisher, projectionist (Phil Proctor)
Marv Gates, USC Scout (Buck Young)
Coach Diener (Herb L. Mitchell)
Cathy Orman, Gene's wife (Kathleen Coyne)
Cathy Stanton's father (Michael Griswold)

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