Life Of Riley
In memory of the cast of The Life of Riley

Life Of Riley, pilot show, 4/13/48, NBC-TV
Life Of Riley, movie, 4/16/49
Life Of Riley, Jackie Gleason episodes, 10/4/49 - 3/28/50, NBC-TV
Life Of Riley, William Bendix episodes, 1/2/53 - 8/22/58, NBC-TV

Life Of Riley (pilot show 4/13/48 NBC-TV)
Herb Vigran "Chester A. Riley"
Lou Krugman "Gillis"

Life Of Riley (movie 4/16/49)
An Irving Brecher Production
Based on the radio program The Life Of Riley
William Bendix "Chester A. Riley"
James Gleason "Gillis"
Rosemary DeCamp "Peg Riley"
Bill Goodwin "Sidney Monahan"
Beulah Bondi "Miss Bogle"
Richard Long "Jeff Taylor"
Mark Daniels "Burt Stevenson"
Ted de Corsia "Norman"
John Brown "Digger O'Dell"
Victoria Horne "Lucy Monahan"
William E. Green "Carl Stevenson"

Life Of Riley (Jackie Gleason episodes 10/4/49 - 3/28/50 NBC-TV)
An Irving Brecher Production
(the show was copyrighted under his name)
William Donn Hayes Sr. Director and supervising editor
Jackie Gleason "Chester A. Riley"
Rosemary DeCamp "Peg Riley"
Sid Tomack "Jim Gillis"
John Brown "Digger"

Life Of Riley (William Bendix episodes 1/2/53 - 8/22/58 NBC-TV)
Abby Berlin The director
Jean Yarbrough The director
William Bendix "Chester A. Riley"
Marjorie Reynolds "Peg Riley"
Tom D'Andrea "Jim Gillis"
Gloria Blondell "Honeybee Gillis"
Gregory Marshall "Egbert Gillis"
Bea Benaderet "Melba Shaw"
Arthur Shields "Alvin Winkley"
Sterling Holloway "Waldo Binney"
Emory Parnell "Hank Hawkins"
Henry "Bomber" Kulky "Otto Schmidlap"
Douglass Dumbrille "Cyrus Cunningham"
George O'Hanlon "Calvin Dudley"
Florence Sundstrom "Belle Dudley"

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