My Parents Wedding Anniversary

My wonderful father and mother, Alcus and Doris Greer, were married on October 20, 1943, in San Antonio, Texas. He is a Houston native and she was born in Fairfield (90 miles south of Dallas).

My father started with the Houston Fire Department in 1939 as a building inspector. He was promoted to Chief Arson Investigator (1948-1953),(1955-1972) and later to Houston Fire Marshal (1972-1980). He served a few years as Assistant District Attorney Of Harris County (1953-1955), having graduated from South Texas College Of Law. He retired in 1980.

The Houston Fire Department bestowed upon my father an award, "THE ALCUS GREER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE". Every year, an arson investigator, is given this award, for outstanding achievement in arson detection, for that year.

August 14, 1989, was Alcus Greer day in Houston. This award was given by then Mayor Kathy Whitmire, to Alcus, for his outstanding service to the City and his many significant contributions to our community.

Doris has been a wonderful mother. An exceptional homemaker, she has been involved with local area garden clubs, church circles, book reviews, charities and the Junior League.

They are the happiest married couple in Texas.