The James Stewart Signature Collection James Stewart: The Signature Collection
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In his early years, Jimmy Stewart came to personify the Everyman. "Hollywood dishes out too much praise for small things," Jimmy once said. "I won't let it get me, but too much praise can turn a fellow's head if he doesn't watch his step." - Through a Hollywood career spanning 50 years James Stewart has thrilled, touched and delighted audiences with over 80 films.

Six of those films are now available on DVD in the all new James Stewart: The Signature Collection.

Cheyenne Social Club (1970). James Stewart and Henry Fonda are Texans who are surprised to hear they've inherited a bawdy house in Wyoming. They feel honor-bound to defend it against a gang.

Firecreek (1968). Henry Fonda plays an outlaw preying on small towns and James Stewart is a nervous part-time lawman who must find the courage to stop him.

    Special Features:
  • First-Time Widescreen Video Debut (16x9 2.4:1) for Both Movies
  • The Good Time Girls featurette
  • Theatrical Trailers
The FBI Story (1959). James Stewart plays one of J. Edgar Hoover's finest, Chip Hardesty, and Vera Miles is his steadfast wife in this salute to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hardesty's fiercest exploits come when he stares down a gun barrel at Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, Ma Barker and John Dillinger.

    Special Features:
  • Theatrical Trailer
The Naked Spur (1953). "Plain arithmetic. Money splits better two ways instead of three," outlaw Ben Vandergroat (Robert Ryan) says to his captors, three bounty hunters thrown together by chance. The bounty hunters are taking Ben to justice in Abilene, but Ben has other ideas. If he can set the men against each other, he may be able to make his break to freedom.

James Stewart is a relentless leader of bounty hunters caught in the snare of the hunted, Ben Vandergroat. With Janet Leigh, Ralph Meeker.

    Special Features:
  • Short - A Pete Smith Specialty, Things We Can Do Without, with Dave O'Brien (1953)
  • Cartoon - Little Johnny Jet (1952), directed by Tex Avery
  • Theatrical Trailer
The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) is six-time Academy Award winner Billy Wilder's recreation of the struggles and success of Charles A. Lindbergh, the pioneering flyboy who, like test pilots and astronauts to follow later, had the "right stuff" of aviation heroism. Lindbergh fan James Stewart, himself a pilot, sought the role-and was initially turned down. But his persistence paid off, as Stewart added Lindy to his gallery of indelible portrayals of American heroes.

    Special Features:
  • The Spirit of St. Louis Premiere
  • WB Short - So Your Wife Wants to Work (1956), with George O'Hanlon as Joe McDoakes
  • Classic Cartoon - Tabasco Road (1957)
  • Theatrical Trailer
The Stratton Story (1949). Chicago White Sox pitcher Monty Stratton has a pitch so unhittable, the young phenom racks up consecutive 15-win seasons. But Stratton's greatest victory doesn't come on the manicured green diamonds of our national pastime.

James Stewart portrays Stratton, who loses a leg in an accident just as his career is on the rise...and whose triumph over dispair and disability leads him to pitch again. Stewart signed for the role when he realized the film would be an inspiration to injured World War II GIs. With June Allyson.

    Special Features:
  • Short Film - A Pete Smith Specialty, Pest Control, with Dave O'Brien
  • Cartoon - Batty Baseball (1944), directed by Tex Avery
  • Audio only bonus: 2/13/50 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast
  • Theatrical Trailer

The James Stewart Signature Collection on DVD