According to the book The Cinema of George Lucas, American Graffiti was filmed 6/26/72 - 8/7/72 in the California towns of San Rafael, Petaluma, Sonoma, Richmond, Pinole, San Francisco, Novato, Mill Valley, Berkeley, and Concord. At the beginning of the movie, the beautiful clouds over Mels Drive-in were not in the original film. The tagline was Where were you in '62? It was produced by Francis Ford Coppola and directed by George Lucas, who was selected to receive the 33rd AFI Life Achievement Award, the highest honor for a career in film.

American Graffiti received the following Academy Award nominations: Best Picture, Best Director (George Lucas), Supporting Actress (Candy Clark), Film Editing (Verna Fields, Marcia Lucas), Writing (story and screenplay, based on factual material or material not previously published or produced) (George Lucas, Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck).

American Graffiti is number 77 on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest movies.

The story. In 1962, teenagers cruise, wondering if they should leave their town to go away to college. The movie was re-released a few years later, with new footage of the car salesman constantly talking to Terry the Toad. This was one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Radio station XERB is mentioned throughout the movie.

This page has a great compliment for Wolfman Jack from Pete Fuentes and a portion of Wolfman's XERB radio show from April 12, 1970.

Wolfman Jack's website

Curt Henderson, Class of '62 - Richard Dreyfuss
Steve Bolander, Class of '62, Class President - Ron Howard. Laurie Henderson, Class of '63, Head Cheerleader - Cindy Williams. Mr. Kroot - Irving Israel (Mark Anger). Mr. Kroot, a school employee, threatens to throw Steve out of school. But it doesn't matter since Steve graduated last semester.
John Milner, Class of '60 - Paul Le Mat
Terry "The Toad" Fields, Class of '63 - Charles Martin Smith
Debbie Medway, Class of '61 - Candy Clark - According to the movie trailer, Debbie's last name is Medway, but in the book, The Cinema of George Lucas, her name is Dunham.
Carol Morrison, Class of '65 - Mackenzie Phillips
XERB Disc Jockey, Class of '51 - Wolfman Jack
Joe - Bo Hopkins
Carlos - Manuel Padilla, Jr.
Ants - Beau Gentry
Bob Falfa - Harrison Ford
Police Officer Holstein - Jim Bohan
Budda - Jana Bellan
Wendy - Deby Celiz
Bobbie Tucker - Lynne Marie Stewart
Mr. Wolfe - Terry McGovern (Terence McGovern)
Peg - Kathy Quinlan (Kathleen Quinlan)
Eddie - Tim Crowley
Mr. Gordon - Scott Beach
Car Salesman - John Brent
Bozo - Gordon Analla
Station Attendant - John Bracci
Girl in Studebaker - Jody Carlson
Man at Bar (Guy) - Del Close
Man at Accident - Charles Dorsett
Kid at Accident - Stephen Knox
Man at Liquor Store - Joseph Miksak
Bum at Liquor Store - George Meyer
Thief - James Cranna
Badass #1 - Johnny Weissmuller, Jr.
Clerk at Liquor Store - William Niven
Hank - Al Nalbandian
Dale - Bob Pasaak
Al - Chris Pray
Judy - Susan Richardson
Ferber - Fred Ross
Old Woman - Jan Dunn
Old Man - Charlie Murphy
Kip - Ed Greenberg
Girl in Dodge - Lisa Herman
Jane - Kay Ann Kemper (Kay Lenz)
Announcer at Dance - Caprice Schmidt
Vic - Joe Spano
Falfa's Girl - Debralee Scott
Jeff - Ron Vincent
Carhop - Donna Wehr
Balloon Girl - Cam Whitman
Girl at Dance - Jan Wilson
Blonde in T-Bird - Suzanne Somers
Herby & the Heartbeats - Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids

American Graffiti includes a documentary, The Making Of American Graffiti. At on DVD.

The book, The Cinema of George Lucas by Marcus Hearn, has a great section with information, pictures and filming locations for American Graffiti. At

Mel's Drive-In

Clips and trailers for American Graffiti from Turner Classic Movies

How Flash Cadillac got to be in American Graffiti

Fan site for American Graffiti

Filming locations map for American Graffiti

Interview with Mike Famalette, owner of the '58 Chevy Impala driven by Toad in the 1973 classic film, American Graffiti. I like the interview but the type needs to be bigger on the subtitles.

Kip Pullman

KRE radio was used for the Wolfman Jack scene in American Graffiti.

Wolfman Jack can be heard on KABX radio.

More American Graffiti (movie released August 3, 1979). Executive Producer, George Lucas

Now married with kids, Laurie (Cindy Williams) and Steve Bolander (Ron Howard) are arguing about the woman's role in the home.

Terry "The Toad" Fields (Charles Martin Smith) and Joe (Bo Hopkins) are part of the fighting military in Vietnam.
John Milner (Paul LeMat) seems to be trying to find himself. He's attempting professional drag racing and finds a new love interest, Eva, (Anna Bjorn), who speaks no English.

Richard Dreyfuss doesn't appear in this film but his character of Curt is mentioned.

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