The "Leave It To Beaver" Cast On "Family Feud"
In 1983, Richard Dawson's "Family Feud" game show had famous TV families come on the show and play each other. The "Leave It To Beaver" cast won against "Your Hit Parade" but lost against "Petticoat Junction". At the beginning of the show, comparison pictures between then and 1983 were shown.
Jerry Mathers on Family Feud
On the panel of five were Jerry Mathers who played Theodore Beaver Cleaver
Barbara Billingsley on Family Feud
Barbara Billingsley who played June Cleaver
Frank Bank on Family Feud
Frank Bank who played Clarence Lumpy Rutherford
Richard Deacon on Family Feud
Richard Deacon who played Fred Rutherford
Ken Osmond on Family Feud
and last but not least Ken Osmond who played Eddie Haskell.


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